Unfinished work to have some specific background and related description for von Tom's Campaign Manager v1.1 - Unzip in your CM11 directory.

6th RNAS and cockpit models for Hell's Angels Super Patch - by Greybeard - version 10 - 7 July 2010.

Updater 06
Please see included Readme.

Engine parameters to be set in ReLoad.ini.

Suited ONLY for HASP with HA6NpitX and its Updater02!


Greybeard's RB3D

Tips for gaming

  1. Always start a campaign with highest rank.
  2. Never use MissionGen
  3. Once got a new set of missions, choose that with highest number of planes.
  4. Put yourself as the last number of the flight.
  5. When encountered enemy, always hit "T" key to pick your target.

Compasses by nation for HASP - by Greybeard - 30 August 2010.

It models compass' strip according to genuine or replica historical exemplars to suit actual look. Where applicable, digits are visible at night.



Alternative compasses for HASP



Revised INI file for "mission massaging" (suitable for stock or any UOP). Unzip in Campaign folder. Reduce to a minimum crash risks. Revised formation sizes.

Major problem of RB3D flight model is that engine power is modeled as directly proportional to air density. Actually, it is significantly lower.

As a consequence, being air drag too, directly proportional to air density, TAS in game is constant at all altitudes. This would affect climb rate, making it much higher than real. To balance this drawback, programmers introduced parameter No.13 (so called "induced drag"), which reduces mainly lift so to get historical climb rate.

But this latter trick has a drawback too: poor lift makes often impossible to reach historical ceiling, so they introduced a limit to mission altitude to 9000 feet and this latter eventually closed the loop!

Attached, you can find two lists containing parameters meaning, for the two files managing RB3D authentic flight model: FMparam3.dat and acspecs3.dat. Just in case you would make some personal mod.


Flight model parameters description.

Plane models


Rearranged from Uhlan's plane model, this "stock" Nieuport 17 features an improved headrest and rescaled wires.

It requires special SWWISA plane parts (not included).

Install copying both DTS/DML files into your Simpatch folder.


This shows revised plane model in comparison with genuine drawing in background: you can see how rescaled wing bracing fit original one.

Slightly revised CdT's plane model, this Fokker DVII features just rescaled wing bracing.

It requires special SWWISA plane parts (not included).

Install copying both DTS/DML files into your Simpatch folder.



Revisited CdT's plane model, this Albatros DVa features rescaled wires.


Camel before and after mod

Revisited CdT's plane model, this Camel features rescaled wires.

Coup de Grace - Add-on for Munro's RB3D patch "Russian Civil War" - by Greybeard - 19 June 2010

New in v.2
Introduced polish and british actual ranks. Corrected Sikorsky S-16 "duty" from fighter-bomber to fighter. New plane model and improved Fokker DVIII cabane in F2 view as well as offered as an alternative its "streaky wing" camouflage. Reduced name lists to number actually accepted by RB. Added some more historical gray tires. Added new planes Ansaldo A.1bis "Balilla", Nieuport 17bis, 21, 23 and 27. Slightly revised "Historical Background". Revised some squadron names, added Nie.24bis to 4th IAO Slavnenskaya. Some ace got his correct name and a short biography. Replaced Russian (White and Red) ranks according to latest imperial ones; Soviet initially (1917-1918) had no ranks at all. Later were introduced new ranks, so uncommon that would have been unclear in game, so I stuck with previous ones. Also, I left ancient "Leytenant" in lieu of "Poruchik" (2nd Lieutenant) to avoid confusion with Polish "Porucznik" (1st Lieutenant). Rearranged SPAD VII F2 view. Slightly improved Oeffag DIII, Albatros DVa, Fokker DVII, Nieuport 17 and Camel plane models.