IL2 corner

Alternative Flight Model for P-40K new

Featuring improved realism of engine management.

P-40K New authentic gun sight

Replaces stock N-3C gun sight with authentic late N-2. Adds fuel gage on instrument panel.

P-40K New LOD mod

This mod set highest Level Of Detail for Barnesy's P-40K New up to a distance of 3 km.

Bf 109 POV mod

It moves player's point of view inside cockpit to the actual distance from the windshield. Made for Greif's Bf 109 cockpits mod. Tested only with UP 2.01. It allows full view of MW50 pressure gauge on K variant. Unzip in your Mod folder.

Mustang Mk.I&IA upgrade

Attached files are to split flight model of Mustang Mk.I from that of P-51A inside the add-on "Early Mustangs" by Aviator Mod Team, that you may find at following link:,14806.0.html

Indeed, the British version had a less powerful engine, with a lower rated altitude. As a consequence, Mustang Mk.I performances were significantly inferior to P-51A ones. Goal of this work is to improve historical fidelity.

This mod has been built and tested in 4.09+UP2.01 only.

Tested performance in game are: 525km/h @ 300 m and 610 km/h @ 4100 m.

Provision for Mk.IA too.

Revised flight model for 4.09

Last update: 21 May 2015

Revised "buttons" file for 4.09. Built and tested for 4.09+UP2.01.
Made to be installed by JSGME.
All credits go to SAS, whose flight model I just retouched.

Setting screen resolution

Easier if made by Stab 6.3 tool (find it at

Otherwise edit by Notepad file Conf.ini in main game folder as in following example (where changes are highlighted in bold red characters):


Menu screen could not fit monitor size (e.g.: if you set 1280x1024 on a 4:3 display) but simulation DOES. So don't worry if you notice black strips on your monitor's margins, they will be filled when playing.